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Office Space for Lease

711 N Avenue D, Shiner

1250 sq. feet, adjoining the Gaslight Theatre

$715/month, 1 year lease agreement

Call 361-594-2079 to inquire.

The Shiner Gaslight Theatre is a non-profit community dinner theatre which seats 132 and provides contemporary and classic theatre. Except as noted, plays are appropriate for adults and older children. The Theatre is staffed completely by volunteers. 

Summer Production:  ​"Daddy's Dyin' Who's Got the Will"

By Del Shores and Published By Samuel French Inc.

Directed By Cody and Vickie Westergren

July 29, 30, 31, August 3, 5, 6, 7, 12, 13, 14

A master comedy set in a small Texas town, the play stages the reunion of a family gathered to await the imminent death of their patriarch. However, it is actually the story about the rebirth of the spirit of the family.

The characters are:

Sarah Lee Turnover, 36, the middle sister and town beautician. Single, strong willed with a good sense of humor and still living at home.

Lurlene Turnover Rogers, 42, the oldest sister, a preacher's wife and elementary school teacher. Attractive, stylish, very proper but has a bite.

Mama Wheelis, 80, the grandmother. Feisty, speaks her mind and rules the house.

Evalita Turnover, 35, the youngest sister. Six-times married, loves to shock her family. Was a beauty but has a worn out look but a good soul.

Harmony Rhodes, 36, Evalita's latest fiance. Off beat, looks like Jesus with earring. A musician and vegetarian.

Orville Turnover, 38, the brother. Unhappy and mean. A redneck trash collector.

Buford "Daddy" Turnover, 67, the father. A stroke victim. Has occasional moments of coherency.

Marlene Turnover, 36, Orville's wife. A constant victim of Orville's abuse. However, losing 62 pounds can boost a girl's confidence.