2023 Productions...

Spring Production:"Dear Jack, Dear Louise" 

The spring production, “Dear Jack, Dear Louise”, is a joyous, heartwarming love story about Jack, a soldier, and Louise, a beautiful young actress, who meet by letter during WWII. Go back in time and enjoy the music and experiences of a bygone era.

Summer Production:"Drinking Habits"

The summer production, “Drinking Habits”, is about two nuns who are secretly making wine to keep their beloved convent from being closed. Accusations, mistaken identities, and romances run wild when undercover reporters and paranoia take over. Wine and secrets are inevitably spilled in this hilarious farce.

Fall Production:"The Charitable Sisterhood Christmas Spectacular" 

The fall production, “The Charitable Sisterhood Christmas Spectacular”, involves the ladies of the Charitable Sisterhood who are preparing for 2nd Trinity Church’s annual Christmas Spectacular. Trouble brews when it is discovered that the baby Jesus figure has been stolen from the nativity scene! Finding the guilty thief takes precedence, but the truth isn’t disclosed until the end of the Spectacular. The hilarious revelation at the show’s climax leaves the audience and the sisterhood filled with the best Christmas spirit ever.