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Productions Through the Years...

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The Charitable Sisterhood Christmas Spectacular
Meredith Hairell
Fall 2023
Placemat - Photos
Drinking Habits
Melissa Neubauer
Summer 2023
Dear Jack, Dear Louise
Josh Kaspar
Spring 2023PhotosPlacemat
​Paradise Lost and Found
Bill Matthys
Fall 2022
Photos - Placemat
Daddy's Dyin' Who's Got the Will
Vickie Westergren, Cody Westergren
Summer 2022
Photos - Placemat
Honky Tonk Hissy Fit
Tara Koonce
Spring 2022Placemat
Steel Magnolias
Patti Morales
Fall 2021
Pinocchio Commedia
Michelle Winkenwerder, Lauren Selzer
Summer 2021
Double Wide TexasTara Koonce Kaleta
Summer 2019
Goodbye Charlie 
Josh Kaspar 
Spring 2019Photos - Placemat 
Savannah Sipping SocietyPatti MoralesFall 2019Placemat
Crazy Little Thing Called LoveVickie WestergrenFall 2018
Alice in WonderlandWyatt KaiserSummer 2018 Placemat 
Dial M for MurderJosh KasparSpring 2018Placemat
Send Me No FlowersWes NeskoraFall 2017Placemat 
Red, White and TunaTara Koonce KaletaSummer 2017Placemat
Lone Star Love PotionGabe and Jodi AdamekSpring 2017Photos - Placemat
The Dixie Swim ClubPatti MoralesFall 2016Placemat
Mr. RobertsVickie WestergrenSummer 2016Photos - Placemat
The Trip to BountifulMars BucekSpring 2016Placemat
Tuna ChristmasTara Koonce KaletaFall 2015Placemat
Always a BridesmaidVickie WestergrenSummer 2015Placemat
Never Too LateConnie Lankford, Rick SanfordSpring 2015Photos - Placemat
Greater TunaTara KoonceFall 2014Placemat
Welcome HomeMichael LawrenceSummer 2014Placemat
The Amorous AmbassadorJosh KasparSpring 2014Placemat
The Hallelujah GirlsPatti MoralesFall 2013Placemat
Dearly DepartedVickie WestergrenSummer 2013Photos- Placemat
On Golden PondMars BucekSpring 2013Placemat
A Christmas CarolWes NeskoraFall 2012Photos
Treasure IslandMichelle Winkenwerder, Linda TrumanSummer 2012Photos - Placemat
Play OnJosh KasparSpring 2012Photos - Placemat
NunsenseDiane MaloneWinter 2012Placemat
Whose Wives Are They AnywayJason KeelFall 2011Placemat
Our Miss BrooksVickie WestergrenSummer 2011Photos- Placemat
Murder at the Bingo HallMary K. RabeSpring 2011Placemat
Leading LadiesPatti MoralesFall 2010Placemat
Where Were You When the Tardy Bell RangDavid TrumanSummer 2010Placemat
The Cemetery ClubConnie LankfordFall 2009Placemat
The Wizard of OzMichelle Winkenwerder, Linda TrumanSummer 2009Placemat
Moon Over BuffaloJosh Kaspar, Bobby KneifelSpring 2009Placemat
A Night of VaudevilleDavid TrumanWinter 2009Placemat
Plaza Suite David TrumanSummer 2008Placemat
The Foreigner Linda LeistSpring 2008
Cactus FlowerConnie LankfordFall 2007Placemat
Into the WoodsLinda Truman, Michelle WinkenwerderSummer 2007Placemat
NunsenceTara KoonceSpring 2007Placemat
Miracle on 34th StreetDelise Koone, Sue LaBaumeFall 2006Placemat
The Almost True Tale of Robin HoodCarli Kaspar, Russell WagnerSummer 2006Placemat
Butterflies are FreeJosh KasparSpring 2006Placemat 
You're a Good Man, Charlie BrownTara KoonceFall 2005Photos- Placemat 
GreaseLinda Truman, Michelle WinkenwerderSummer 2005Photos- Placemat 
Wait Until DarkJosh KasparSpring 2005Placemat 
Male Odd CoupleConnie LankfordFall 2004Placemat 
Little WomenLinda Truman, Tara KoonceSummer 2004Placemat 
Steel MagnoliasPatti MoralesSpring 2004Placemat 
Twelve Angry JurorsDavid TrumanFall 2003Placemat 
Aesop's FalablesLinda Truman, Michelle WinkenwerderSummer 2003Placemat 
I Ought to be in PicturesRobert TolaroSpring 2003Placemat 
Barefoot in the ParkJean KasparFall 2002Placemat 
The Princess and the PeaLinda Truman, Michelle WinkenwerderSummer 2002Photos - Placemat
Klondike KalamityLinda LeistSpring 2002Placemat 
Beside YourselfBill StolleFall 2001Placemat 
Snow WhiteLinda Truman, Michelle WinkenwerderSummer 2001PhotosPlacemat 
A Texas RomanceConnie LankfordSpring 2001PhotosPlacemat 
A Texas RomanceConnie LankfordFall 2000Photos - Placemat 
The Boys Next DoorJay SchertlSummer 2000Placemat 
Father of the BrideJean KasparSpring 2000PhotosPlacemat 
AccommodationsJosh Kaspar, Chuck StratmanFall 1999PhotosPlacemat 
The Secret GardenLinda Truman, Michelle WinkenwerderSummer 1999PhotosPlacemat 
Educating RitaJosh KasparSpring 1999PhotosPlacemat 
Play it Again, SamJosh KasparFall 1998PhotosPlacemat 
Beauty and the BeastJeanette Gordon Summer 1998PhotosPlacemat 
I Take This ManJean KasparSpring 1998PhotosPlacemat 
I'll Be Back Before MidnightJan ZimmermanFall 1997Placemat 
The Wind in the WillowsBambi PishSummer 1997Placemat 
The Murder RoomPaul LandSpring 1997PhotosPlacemat 
The Cemetery ClubConnie LankfordFall 1996Placemat
CinderellaJeanette GordonSummer 1996PhotosPlacemat 
Star on the DoorPaul LandSpring 1996PhotosPlacemat 
The MousetrapJosh KasparFall 1995PhotosPlacemat 
Alice in WonderlandJeanette GordonSummer 1995PhotosPlacemat 
PygmalionJean KasparSpring 1995Placemat 
Love, Sex and the IRSBill StolleFall 1994PhotosPlacemat 
Anne of Green GablesPeggy JiralSummer 1994PhotosPlacemat 
Love LettersConnie LankfordSpring 1994Placemat
Play OnJosh KasparFall 1993Photos - Placemat 
Cheaper by the DozenJeanette GordonSummer 1993Photos - Placemat
Arsenic and Old LaceJean KasparSpring 1993Photos - Placemat 
Steel MagnoliasJeanette GordonFall 1992Photos - Placemat
The Wizard of OzJeanette Gordon Summer 1992Photos - Placemat
The Female Odd CoupleConnie LankfordSpring 1992Photos- Placemat 
The ForeignerLinda LeistFall 1991Photos - Placemat
PinocchioJeanette GordonSummer 1991PhotosPlacemat 
Barefoot in the ParkJean KasparSpring 1991PhotosPlacemat 
The Importance of Being EarnestBill StolleFall 1990Photos - Placemat
The Adventures of Tom SawyerSheri StewartSummer 1990PhotosPlacemat 
Death TrapJosh KasparSpring 1990PhotosPlacemat 
Never Get Smart with an AngelChuck StratmanFall 1989Placemat 
Goodbye CharlieBill StolleSummer 1989PhotosPlacemat 
The Tender TrapJean KasparSpring 1989Photos - Placemat
Chapter TwoTom AdcockFall 1988Placemat
Rehearsal for MurderJan McKinneySummer 1988Photos - Placemat 
House on a CliffJeanette Gordon Spring 1988Photos - Placemat 
You Can't Take it with YouChuck StratmanFall 1987Photos - Placemat
Rich is BetterJeanette GordonSummer 1987Photos -Placemat
Angel StreetJan McKinneySpring 1987Photos - Placemat 
Prisoner of Second AvenueChuck StratmanFall 1986PhotosPlacemat
Exit the BodyDan DebaultSpring 1986Placemat 
What a SpotJan McKinneyFall 1985
My Three AngelsChuck StratmanSpring 1985Placemat 
Bell, Book and CandleJan McKinneyFall 1984PhotosPlacemat 
Who's on FirstJan McKinneySpring 1984Photos - Placemat
Enter Pharoh NussbaumBarbara AllenFall 1983Photos - Placemat
The Death and Life of Sneaky FitchChuck StratmanSpring 1983Photos - Placemat
Wait Until DarkJan McKinneyFall 1982PhotosPlacemat 
AccommodationsBarbara AllenSummer/Fall 1982Photos - Placemat 
Welcome HomeJosh Kaspar Spring 1982PhotosPlacemat
A Haunting We Will GoGail HellumsFall 1981Photos
The MousetrapJosh KasparSpring 1981Photos
Best Laid PlansLena BarreraFall/Winter 1980Photos
Odd CoupleGene GillSpring 1980
Labors of LoveLena Barrera, Gail HellumsFall 1979
Blithe SpiritGail HellumsSummer 1979Photos - Placemat
High GroundSister Michelle, Chuck StratmanSpring 1979Photos - Placemat
Arsenic and Old LaceSister MichelleFall 1978Photos
Double Dealings at Dry Gulch
Sister Michelle
Spring 1978